....."Online GPF Account Slip - accepted for all loan purpose ".

GPF - Online Account Slip - Finance Dept Circular

Directions are given to All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers / Treasury Officers to accept the downloaded copies of the account slips for all purposes such as sanctioning of Temporary Advance / Part-final Withdrawal etc.

Click Here  –  to View / Download Finance Department Order Dated 25.08.2014  regarding this.

Click Here –  to Download GPF Account Slip.

Subscriber Login Page  >> Login with GPF No. Suffix . Date of Birth >> View your Personal account Page >> Left Side Menu >> Click on "View Accounts Slip" >> Select Finacial Year >> SUBMIT

Information by : Dr.Kumaravel.MD(Paed),Associate Professor,Dhamapuri.

Upgradation - Neurology Department in MMC to Institute of Neurology

Click Here - for GO : 220 Dated 30.07.2014- Regarding - Upgradation of the Department of Neurology  as Institute of Neurology & creation of Director Post.

CRRI / Non Service PGs – Stipend Enhancement GO

Click Here – ( pdf file 4 Pages ) to View the GO Copy regarding stipend enhancement for CRRI/Non Service PGs – 230  Dated 12.08.2014.

To Download GPF Annual Statement Slip

Now you can download your Annual  2013 - 2014 GPF Statement Slip from the following link.

Click Here - for download Link

Subscriber Login Page  >> Login with GPF No. Suffix . Date of Birth >> View your Personal account Page >> Left Side Menu >> Click on "View Accounts Slip" >> Select Finacial Year >> SUBMIT

Information by : Dr.Kumaravel.MD(Paed),Associate Professor,Dhamapuri.

Upgradation / Creation – Rheumatology , SGE , Vascular Surgery , Liver Transplantation Unit - GOs

 Click Here - GO : 145 – Dated 27.05.2014 – Creation Of 39 additional Posts in Rheumatology Dept , MMC.

Click Here - GO : 155 Dated 03.06.2014- Regarding - Upgradation of the Department of Surgical Gastroenterology as Institute of Surgical Gastroenterology.

Vascular Surgery
Click Here  - GO: 143 - Dated 27.05.2014 – Creation of One Associate Professor Post in Vascular Surgery Dept in Stanley Medical College.Chennai.

Liver Transplant Unit in MMC
Click Here  - GO : 125  Dated 14.05.2014 – Creation of Liver Transplant Unit in MMC

CPS Number/Contribution – Mandatory for Monthly Pay – After August 2014

   Click Here  - for Copy of TN Finance Department Letter Dated 23.05.2014 Regarding CPS Number/Contribution  is  Mandatory to admit regular Monthly Pay  bills in Treasury – After August 2014 .

Upgradation/New Posts - in ENT , Hepatology , Vascular Surgery Departments

Creation of Additional Posts in ENT Department, Govt Kilpauk Medical College
GO :  120  Dated 09.05.2014 – Click Here

Creation of Additional Posts in Hepatology Department, Madras Medical College
GO :  118 Dated 09.05.2014 – Click Here

Vascular Surgery
Upgradation of the Department of Vascular Surgery as Institute of Vascular Surgery in Madras Medical College.GO: 60 dated 26.02.2014 – Click Here

Your Name Status in VOTERs List

Click the Link to view / conform your Name in VOTERs list

Click Here 

April 24 th 2014 - Public Holiday

GO : 236 - Declaration of Poll Day 24.04.2014 as Public Holiday - Click Here - for GO copy

Leave Guide - for TN Govt Servants

Complete Guide about various kinds of Leave for TN Govt ServantsUpdate  2012
-  12 Pages pdf File
-  Author : Mr. A.Johnson
- Courtesy :  j o h n s o n a s i r s e r v i c e s

  Click Here  ( to view Pdf File 3.5 MB )
தமிழ்நாடு அரசின் விடுப்பு சம்மந்தமான அரசாணைகள்
Update  2008

 Click Here   ( to view Pdf File )

Regularization Process - சில தகவல்கள்

Useful article about the regularization process in Tamil..

 Click on the image to enlarge.

Click Here - to view the pdf file

Post your comments at :   doctorskural@gmail.com

TNPGE - 2014 Phase I - Counselling Schedule

 Click Here - to view the Phase - I counselling Schedule ( tentative ).

To Know your Polling Station - Lok Shaba Election 2014

நீங்கள் வாக்களிக்க வேண்டிய வாக்குசாவடி பற்றிய விபரம் அறிய -  Click Here

தமிழ்நாடு தேர்தல் ஆணையம் - Click Here

உங்களுடைய பெயர் , விபரம் அறிய  - Click Here

TNPG Entrance Exam - 2014 Merit List

TNPG Entrance Exam - 2014 Merit List was Published in tnhealth.org.


Provisional Merit List for PG Courses - Click Here.
Provisional Merit List for MDS Course - Click Here.
Suggested PG Admission Schedule ( by SC) - Click Here.

AIPGMEE - 2014 - Click Here.
Target PG NEWS - Click Here

Useful Sites - For money management

Good web site Links - Regarding Money managements / Investments...  
பெண் மருத்துவர்கள் கவனிக்க -     Click Here.
Doctors & Investment -    Click Here.
பணத்தின் மதிப்பு குழந்தைகளுக்கு - Click Here

www.nithinbhatia.in                                   www.subramoney.com      

Auto Calculating TAX Form - 2014 - Revised

New Form ( For those who paid IT-cess in their monthly salary Bill & interest on Housing loan repayment) - Edition-4
 Click Here   (File Swap.com - Password - mohan )

Old Form - Edition-1
Click Here - ( FileSwap.com - Password  - mohan )
Click Here - (Google Docs - Left upper corner -" File" --> Select & Click " Download" OR Press "Ctrl+S")
 to download auto calculating "TAX FORM - 2014" in excel sheet.

*   Download the File & Save it in your system -> work with saved Excel Sheet in UR System.
*  First fill the Pay drawn particulars in "Sheet 4 ".The data s will automatically transmitted into Sheet 1,2,3.Then open sheet 1,2,3 & fill the necessary fields like Office address, HRA,etc  -> Save -> take Printouts.
*  Developed  By Dr.Mohan Hariraj.MD, -  For Clarifications & feed back contact : 9994740519.

Posting counselling for Service PGs - March 2014

Posting counselling for service PGs will be on 07.03.2014.
Detailed order was Published in www.tnhealth.org
 Click Here - to view the order Copy
* Specialities in which vacancy available may be notified in  www.tnhealth.org on 06.03.2014  ( as per the above order )

DME - Trasfer Counselling For Tutor/SR/AP/SAP

DME Side - Transfer Counselling for " Tutor / SR/AP/SAP" - scheduled on 3 rd & 4 th March 2014.

Detailed order was Published in  tn Health web site -  Click Here - for the Link ..

DME - Upgradation of Gen.Surgery Dept in MMC as Institute of General Surgery

GO:35  issued to upgrade  one post of Professor into that of Director of Institute of General Surgery in MMC.
GO copy was Published in TN Govt site.  Click Here – for the Link.

 Click Here – for the GO Copy

DME - Associate Professor Promotion Counselling - 2013 Phase - III

Promotion Counselling ( Phase-3) for the post of Associate Professor s of the following specialities is scheduled on 19.02.2014.
Detailed order  was published in tnhealth site. –  Click Here  for the Link
Click Here – for the order / Panel  Copy

Special transfer counselling - DPH / DMS to DME Side

Special transfer counselling to fill up vacant posts of Tutor/SR/Asst.Prof  in the following Medical Colleges with Medical  officers from DPH / DMS side is scheduled on 18.02.2014 at 10.30 AM at the office of DME ,Kilpauk,Chennai. .
1.Thuthukudi.  2.Trichy  3.Thiruvannamalai.  4.Thiruvaarur.  5. Viluppuram.

Detailed order was published in tnhealth web site. Click Here - for the Link

Fatty Liver Clinic - in MMC,Chennai.

GO: No. 26 HFW,, Dated 29.01.14 issued to Start “Fatty Liver Clinic” as a special clinic under the Department of Hepatology at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai.
Soft Copy Published in tn health web site ( year 2014, Jan 29) - Click Here to visit tn healthGO site

DME Side - Special transfer Counselling for Tutor/SR/Asst.Prof Posts

Special transfer counselling to fill up vacant posts of Tutor/SR/Asst.Prof is scheduled on 14.02.2014 at 10.30 AM at the office of DME ,Kilpauk,Chennai. for the following Medical Colleges.
1.Thuthukudi.  2.Trichy  3.Thiruvannamalai.  4.Thiruvaarur.  5. Viluppuram.

 Click Here - to view the order Copy ( 2MB pdf file)

TN Registered Marriage Details

You can view your Registered marriage details in TN Govt reginet online Portal.
  Click Here - for the Link to REGINET

Special TNPSC Exam Marks

Special TNPSC (SQE) - Asst Surgeon - Exam Marks details Published in TNPSC Site.
Click Here - for the details

TNPG Entrance Exam & Admissions - 2014-15

2014 -TN PG Degree/Diploma/6 Yrs Mch(N.S) /MDS – Admission Notice , Prospectus, Application Forms were Published in TN Govt Health website.
Date of Examination : 16.02.2014.  Click Here – for the Link to tnhealth.
 10 a (i) candidates will be considered as Service candidates if they have been selected by TNPSC at the time of counseling and have completed TWO years of service.

Restricted Holidays - RH List 2014

Year 2014 - RH List - Click Here - to view & download Pdf File to Print 

TNGDA -Special TNPSC - Interview issue

Government amendment GO & Clarification Letter regarding the " Eligiblity of the 10 A1 doctors who selected by  previous GOs & Physically challanged category for special TNPSC interview " was published in TNGDA website - Click Here - for the Link

DME - Associate Professor Promotion 2013- Phase-II

 *    Approved Panel for Dental Surgery Copy- Click Here.
 *   Counselling Order Copy - Click Here. 
DME - Associate Professor promotion counselling  will be on 09.01.2014 ( for the following specialties )
Surgical Oncology
Pead Surgery
Dental Surgery
           *** Expecting more Specialties & temporary Panel order soon

Special TNPSC - Results

Special TNPSC results Published in TNPSC web site.Oral Test will be held from 06.01.2014 to 13.01.2014 .
Click Here - for Result ( Link to TNPSC site ) - Click Here

Pre Concep & Pre-Natal Dignost Tech Act-1994 - restoration of Powers to JDHS GO

Click Here - for GO:308 Dated 24.12.2013
 - Regarding restoration of Powers to JDHS / Taluk MOs in "Pre–Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994". Click Here - to download
Soft Copy Published in tn health web site ( year 2013,Dec 24) - Click Here

TN PG Entrance Exam 2014-15

The TNPG Entrance Examination for PG Degree / Diploma / 6 Year M.Ch., (NS) / 
MDS Courses for 2014 – 2015 session is tentatively scheduled on 16-02-2014 (Sunday) 

DME - GO for Teaching Posts Designation - PG Degree/Superspeciality

GO: 200 H&FW Dept Dated : 03.09.2013 - Regarding Teaching Posts Designation for PG Degree / Superspeciality  - DME Side -  Click Here  

Click Here -  for TN Govt Gazette Notification

Leave Register 2014

To download " Leave Register - 2014 " Files - Click Here

Ratified GO about Diploma / MD.MS / DM.Mch Advance Increment

TNGDA NEWS: Success. Good news. G.O:284 dt 3.12.13 issued. advance PG increments (including super speciality & diploma) ratified over G.O. issued by P & AR dept. TNGDA intervention against audit objection by AG (quoting P& AR G.O.)
 -- State President / State Secretary -TNGDA

Click Here - for GO Copy

Benefits: One advance increment for Select Diploma ( DA,DPM) , Two increments for PG Degree (MD,MS) , Two increments for Super specialty.( Both for Service &Non Service)

Your Pay Bill Status at TREASURY

கருவூலத்தில் உங்கள் சம்பள Bill பற்றிய  நிலையை கருவூல  இணையதளம் மூலம்  உடனே அறியலாம்  ( Link to TN Govt Treasury web Portal) ...

* GPF / CPS எண் வழியாக -- Click Here
( You can use CPS Number in GPF Box. Use suffix as " MEDL " for both  GPF, CPS)

* வங்கி கணக்கு எண் வழியாக --Click Here                   
 ( Select MICR Code of UR Bank in "Branch Name" Box)

Academic - Online Resource

*  Guideline on Dissertation - Dr.MGR Medical University-2014 - Click Here

*  Anaesthesiology Simulations - Click Here

*  Online Medical Resource for all specialties... "MEDSCAPE"
For FREE Registration - Click Here
Use Invitation/Promotional Code as - MGM1113 -  for Free Reg.

New Time bound Promotion GO: 245

Promotion GO: 245 dated 30.10.2013 - released for TN Govt.Doctors.GO Copy was Published in TN Govt & tngda websites.  
Click Here - to visit the Page.    Click Here - to Download the GO. (Open the Page & Press - Ctrl+S )

Voter - ID , Name inclusion / Correction - Camps

வாக்காளர் பட்டியலில்(Voter List) உங்கள் பெயரை சேர்பதற்க்கும் / தவறுகளை திருத்துவதற்கும் / அடையாள  அட்டை(Voter ID) பெறுவதற்கும் ஆன முகாம்  நீங்கள் வசிக்கும் இடத்திற்குரிய வாக்குசாவடி அமைந்துள்ள இடங்களில் அக்டோபர் 31 தேதி வரை நடைபெறுகிறது.இந்த வாய்ப்பை தவறாமல் பயன்படுத்திக்கொள்ளவும்.

* You can also apply through online with Election Commission website - Click Here - for Link
* To check your Name in Voters List - Click Here

Relinquishment–benefit - extn. for DMRHS/DPH Unit

1.During 2011 - “Relinquishment – Relaxing benefit” was given for the process of “retrograde Re-fitment” in DME Side ( for GO:354 Posts – eg. Professor ,CCS) by GO: 107 Dated 01.03.2011.
2. Now this “Relinquishment – Relaxing benefit” was extended to DMRHS / DPH Doctors also by amendment GO:201 dated 06.09.2013 for the process of re fitment.
* Both GOs – now Published in TNGDA official website – tngda.in.  Click Here – to visit.
1.This benefit is applicable only for the process of  “GO: 354 Posts Re-fitment” & not for Promotion within the currency period of relinquishment.
2.Applicable for the period from 2002 to 23.10.2009.

Civil Medical List 2013 - Updation / Appeal Notification

CML 2013 - Submit updation / Appeal Format through proper channel on or before 31.10.2013 ( may with advance Copy) as per DMRHS Notification No.47575/E6/2013 Dated 31.07.2013.
 ...for Notification....         ..for Format-jpeg..     ...for Format inWord to Edit

Aadhaar Card - Status / Download / Data Correction

 You can view your "Aadhaar Card" Status & download it electronically - UIDAI Site Link   -->    ..to Check Status..        ..to Download..      ...to Correct data in UR card

TNPSC - Departmental Exams - Dec 2013

TNPSC Departmental Exams 2013 - Apply online upto Oct 15nth ( TNPSC Site Link)
 Notification & Instructions                          Online application Form

MCI - Faculty Data - Notice

MCI - Notice Published on 19.09.2013 regarding Faculty  Data declaration & rectification
Click Here - to view the Notice

Tips for New Medical Officers in PHCs

Tips for New Medical Officers in PHCs  --> Click Here - Link to ruraldoctors blogspot

DME Phase I– Associate Prof Promotion Counselling - Amendment

Sep-28th.DME Amendment order Published in tnhealth.org regarding Phase-I Associate Professor Promotion counselling. ( Click on the dept name to view - link to tnhealth.org)

      Psychiatry             Peadiatrics            Plastic Surgery&  Orthopaedics  

CML - 2013

CML - 2013 Published in tnhealth site.  Click Here -  Link to tnhealth.org
OR Select CML 2013  under E-Documents ( Right side column of this site )

Doctors Award - GMKMCH

*  Salem District Collector Award in Independence Day function for Our Professors ...

 *  Prof.Dr.Sivakumar.D.M  (Neurology)
 *   Prof.Dr.Kamalanathan.MS ortho.

  "சாதனை மருத்துவர்களை வாழ்த்துகிறோம்"  

Joint Director of Medical Education Post in DME

Willingness called for the post of “Joint Director of Medical Education(NCD)” in DME with Pay Scale of Rs.37400-67000 GP Rs.8800/-  by  transfer / Promotion through Ref.No.59226/E1 (1) / 2013 – of DME letter dated 30.08.2013.

Eligibility: Professor who are drawing GP of Rs.8800/-

Special TNPSC Exam 22.09.2013 - Answer Keys

Tentative Answer Keys - Published for Special TNPSC Exam conducted on 22.09.2013 in TNPSC site.
For Link  - Medical Science -    Click Here
                   General Studies -    Click Here